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8 Guidelines For Preparing Your Getting Ready Space For Gorgeous Bridal Photos

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

In order to get the most out of your bridal preparation photos at home, there are a few simple things that you can put in place to ensure your bridal prep photos look their best!

Tip #1 - It's all about the light

Having enough light in the room makes the hugest difference to your photos. Choose a room that has the biggest windows and that has as much natural light as possible to get ready and have your photos in. If the light is very bright, consider hanging plain, simple netted curtains in front of the window to help diffuse the light. Make sure all artificial overhead lights and lamps are turned off too.

Tip #2 - Have a blank canvas room

Ensure the room has a large space of blank wall near the window where you can stand for photos. The wall should be behind you with the window either to your left or to your right. Clear as much clutter and unnecessary decor from the room as possible. This may mean that you may need to take frames and hangings off the wall.

Tip #3 - Make space

Make sure there is enough space for you and any bridal party to be photographed together. Move all furniture away from the window. I would recommend all unnecessary furniture be moved out the room where possible to keep things as simple as possible. You will be photographed against the wall as well as with the window behind you.

Tip #4 - Neutral is best

Preferably choose a room with neutral, plain curtains so they don't detract from you in the photos. Ensure the bed is clear of clutter and has neutral linen on. Remove heavily patterned items and stick to solid colours if you can.

Tip #5 - Outside is as important as inside

If you are having outside photos at home, ensure they garden is cleaned and the lawn has been mowed. Often if you have large items outside the window, these can cause a distraction in your window shots, so try to move things outside away from your main window if you can.

Tip #6 - Simple Accents

A pretty chair for shots of you putting on shoes for example is always a good idea. If there is something sentimental in the room that is meaningful to you on your day, let's include it on the shoot.

Tip #7 - Preparation is everything

Have all detail items (shoes, invites etc) that you would like in your flat lay photos together and ready as soon as your photographer arrives (bride and groom). This will save time and your photographer can get to work straight away. It is a good idea to take a photo of your items with your phone and send it to you photographer so that they have an idea of what colour flatlay background colour would be best for them to bring with them.

Tip #8 - Consider the dress

Consider possible locations for where you would like your dress to be photographed before you put it on. Again the area should be as clear of clutter as possible. Make sure the hanger you use for your dress is pretty too. Don't simply use a hanger from your cupboard. A plain white wooden one or fabric covered one is great.

Final Comments

The more attention to detail and effort you put into preparing your space, the better your prep images will come out. Chat to your photographer if you need any other guidance.


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