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Dan & Chantelle's Surprise Engagement

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

A love centred around Jesus, mini golf and Port Elliot Bakery donuts

In 2018, I met Dan and Chantelle individually at church before they were even dating. In their own words, "Our story started with a few awkward coffee dates and as time went on, they turned into full on day adventures from one side of Adelaide to the other. From music to star gazing, we knew this relationship was orchestrated by our Heavenly Father."

You can imagine how excited I was then when Dan pulled me aside one Sunday to tell me he was planning on proposing and he wanted to capture the whole event. We met up for a planning session and everything was set in motion! Chantelle's sister styled and organised the picnic decor. Everything looked so beautiful and her attention to detail was amazing!

And so on 6 June 2021, with a gorgeous beach picnic set up in Port Elliot where they had spent precious time eating donuts and dreaming about their future together, Dan popped the question! Chantelle of course said "Yes!"

Thinking of proposing?

Get in touch and let's see if we can plan something magical for you!


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