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This is us. In all our beach goodness (the kids are the little fishies, not mom and dad, ha!)

Although it is just me behind the lens and the business, my priority has always been my family. It was for my family that I decided to become a photographer full time.


I started my career as primary teacher many moons ago. It was through teaching that I found myself living in Taiwan and then the UAE.


Whilst living abroad I spent every holiday break I could traveling and experiencing other cultures. I bought my first 'nice' camera to document my travels and my love for photography was born! I have always been into painting and art and so moving into photography was a natural progression for me. 

When I moved to Abu Dhabi, I joined our church photography team and my journey into portraits began. I absolutely adored that photographing people paved the way for incredible new friendships and provided the opportunity for me to document and share their stories. I would love to hear and capture your story too!

I wear my heart on my sleeve - some shots will be gorgeous, some plain and real- all adding to the charm of your session and day.


I would love to chat over a coffee or via Zoom if you would like to hear more, so please do get in touch :)


Robz x

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