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Real Wedding: Kendal & Mark's Seacliff, Adelaide Beach Wedding

Kendal and Mark chose the Seacliff Yacht Club as the backdrop for their summer Adelaide beach wedding

With the bright sun shining in all it's glory, Kendal and Mark had stunning weather for their day (and perfect for their Adelaide beach wedding). They decided on my short and sweet Sweetpea Package and prioritised their getting ready photo with their loved ones.

Mark's Prep

Mark and his groomsmen got ready at a quaint B&B apartment right opposite the Broadway Cafe in Glenelg South. It was so bright and filled with gorgeous natural light. They had an amazing view of the ocean and were pretty chilled getting ready. Mark even got out the dominoes to keep himself busy :)

Kendal's Prep

Kendal got ready at her parents home not too far away. Her and Mark's gorgeous twin boys couldn't get enough of their mama. It really was so special to see the love they have for their mum. In true wedding day fashion, Kendal had to be sewn into her dress thanks to a clasp issue (this happens far more often than you would know!), but all ended well and she made it to the ceremony on time :).

The Ceremony

I absolutely adore the fact that Mark and Kendal kept things simple. No giant floral arrangements but clear skies and blue seas as their backdrop. The twins were really excited to see dad and went straight down the aisle for kisses before mom got there. At the end, the bubbles were out and the kids had a ball playing with them!

Bridal Portraits


After the ceremony, we headed down to the sand for some fun bridal party photos. We had a bit of an audience as there were other events happening next door and on the beach but we made it work! It was a very bright and warm day so we didn't hang around outside too long.

Planning an Adelaide beach wedding?


If you are planning an Adelaide beach wedding and would like to chat then get in touch and let's get the ball rolling!


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