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My Top 6 Photography Locations for Portrait and Family Sessions in Adelaide, South Australia

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Adelaide has a ton of beautiful locations and it can be overwhelming finding a location for your portrait or family session that suits you.

That's why I put together this list of a few of my favourite locations around Adelaide, so that you don't have to go searching or driving around Adelaide to find them yourself.

Gull Rock, Port Willunga

Hilltop and cliff location

This location is best suited to: engagements, bridal portraits

This location offers the best of both worlds. Gorgeous sea and sunset views off the top of a cliff, with contrasting red sand cliffs against the blue sea. On sunny days the sea is a stunning turquoise colour. There is also a green grassy area near the parking lot meaning you will get a huge variety of image options. This spot is very popular for couple's sessions and bridal portraits.

Although this locations keeps on giving, it is not the place for children for safety reasons. There are no barriers near the ends of the cliff and for images at the very tip of Gull Rock, a narrow path down a sandy hill has to be navigated. It is not recommended for those who are unsteady on their feet and is best suited for those adventurous in spirit.

Port Noarlunga

Beach location

This location is best suited to: engagements, family, maternity

Port Noarlunga is absolutely perfect for families with small children. There is plenty of space for the kiddies to roam and run. The wooden stairs leading down to the beach make an excellent posing area for family group shots, especially extended families. There is a small wild grass area where I absolutely love taking portraits. The variety and beauty of the area really add to images taken there and you will no doubt have a ton of fun!

There is a short wooden staircase down to the beach from the carpark (around 15 steps or so I think). It can sometimes get busy during the warmer months and there may be people walking about with dogs not on a leash, but the waves are glorious for splashing in!

Hallett Cove Beach

Rocky beach location

This location is best suited to: engagements, family, maternity

Not your usual portrait beach location, Hallett Cove beach offers something a bit different. The beautiful rocky areas create natural seating ideal for family portraits. It’s also a wonderful area for children to explore, ensuring natural portraits of families. The warm colours of the rocks add life when contrasted by the gorgeous blue sea. Wearing lighter colours is encouraged at this location as this will contrast so well against the darker rocks.

There are some things to consider when choosing Hallett Cove. There is a leisurely walk of around 150m from the carpark to the beach where portraits are best taken. Aside from a small sand patch, a fair bit of the beach is pebbled so caution for those not too sure on their feet is encouraged. There may be a small amount of rock scaling for those seeking more adventurous posing.

Blackwood Recreational Forest

Forest and field location

This location is best suited to: engagements, family, maternity, bridal portraits

One of the best all round locations, this beautiful field and forest area is a dream for all forms of creative sessions. Also a popular location for avid walkers and other photographers, it can get really busy in the warmer months. It is not uncommon to be approached by a curious dog or two during the session as well. The colours change as the seasons do, ensuring something special no matter the time of year. From golden grasses in summer, to gorgeous greens with moody forest vibes in winter, and my all time favourite, golden yellows and oranges in autumn, Blackwood is a magical place. This area is very slightly sloped in places but very easily navigated. Being nature the pathways are uneven in places, but definitely very accessible.

Urrbrae House Historical Precinct

Garden location

This location is best suited to: engagements, maternity

Not always available due to it being a private property, Urrbrae house is reserved for couples and maternity sessions without children. Permission is required when sessions are captured and so availability always depends on the management of the property. It is a really beautiful garden though with so much to explore. The benches located through the gardens are so well placed and there are roses, trees and gorgeous grass areas that make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated by the time you leave. Even if you aren’t having a session here I recommend you visit as the gardens are open for exploring with gates closing around sunset.

Mount Osmond

Hilltop and field location

This location is best suited to: engagements, family, maternity, bridal portraits

With a number of medium effort level hills, this location is for those who are comfortable with a bit of walking. The trek from the rugged carpark to the lookout is definitely worth it! And on a clear day, Adelaide city in all her glory, is perfectly visible. Just like Blackwood, the grass changes according to the seasons so choosing when to have your session here plays a part in how your images will look (are you more of a golden or green grass kind of person?). It’s a beautiful place for all types of sessions but preggy mums are warned that it requires a fair bit of physical activity to navigate. Mount Osmond is also the place to be for those who are happy to stay on a bit later to capture blue light (just after sunset) portraits as the sky turns a magnificent pink and purple.

And there you have it :) A few of the locations that I frequent for sessions. Which location speaks to you the most?

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