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Styling Guide: Top Tips on What To Wear To Your Photoshoot.

Standing, staring into your wardrobe as you have absolutely no idea what to wear to your photoshoot? I can help with that! These simple guidelines should guide you in the right direction.

Let's jump right into it!

Tip #1 - Colours matter

The colours you wear play a huge part in how your images will look. Some people tend to wear darker colours as they feel it makes them look slimmer but in reality, dark colours such as black look heavy in photos. Pastel colours or neutral colours definitely look best. Muted, earthy tones look amazing too. Avoid bright colours too such as neons or other bright colours as they reflect colour onto your skin.

Tip #2 - To have patterns or no patterns

Patterns smaller than a 50 cent piece cause chromatic aberration, a kind of distortion in your photos. Things like very thin striped patterns are to be avoided. Checked shirts are fine as long as the checks are larger in design. Other things to avoid are graphic tee's and bold logos.

Tip #3 - Dress within a colour scheme in mind

Gone are the days of everyone in the group wearing white shirts and jeans. Rather than dressing all matchy matchy, style with a colour scheme in mind and coordinate your outfits. In order to do this, select 3 or 4 colours that compliment each other (for example, white, denim and shades of green as seen below) to add variation to your outfit choices.

Tip #4 - Use what you have

Most people often feel the need to purchase a new outfit for their session. If you have a favourite outfit that you feel your best and most comfortable in, then start with that and find what else others have in their cupboards to compliment your outfit. Session styling doesn't have to be a costly affair.

Tip #5 - Choose your level of classiness

One of the worst things you can have in your photos is where one participant puts a huge amount of effort into their outfit and the other doesn't. Picture a beautiful maternity session with flowing chiffon robes with their partner arriving in beach shorts and t-shirt. It just doesn't work. Decide from the get go if you will both be dressing classy or casual.

Tip #6 - Going romantic

If romantic images are your end goal, it is recommended that you select light, pastel colours such as pale greens, blues, blush pinks, white, cream and so on. Choosing clothing with light, flowing fabric that can float in the breeze adds to the dreaminess of images too. I recommend tan chinos or khaki pants over jeans.

Tip #7 - Going bright and bold

This can be a bit of a tricky one so its important to chat to your photographer if you are unsure. If you have decided to wear patterns, it is preferred if only one member of the group wears a pattern. If you are at a location that has a really busy background or setting already, stick to solid colours if you can. Select only one bold colour and pair it with complimentary neutrals or lighter colours.

Tip #8 - Little details

It's often the small things that can make or break your styling so with that in mind a few final tips would be to avoid wearing tennis, super casual or running shoes, to remove objects such as phones and keys out of your pockets, ensure your clothing is ironed and crease free, and finally leave baseball hats and sunglasses in the car.

Rounding it all up

Whether you decide to go classic or trendy, following the above guidelines will mean setting the stage for gorgeous, well thought out images of you and your loved ones.


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