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Nicholas and Patricia's Mount Osmond, Adelaide Anniversary Portrait Session

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Nicholas and Patricia celebrated their anniversary with picturesque views from Mount Osmond, Adelaide

Mount Osmond, Adelaide at sunset really is one of my favourite locations! And honestly, Nicholas and Patricia took the spotlight here! I mean how photogenic are they!

It was a beautiful evening and I adored capturing this super sweet couple. Patricia did a sneaky outfit change half way through which added another element to their session.

Read down below for a few points on having photos taken here at Mount Osmond, Adelaide.

Some information to help prep for sessions at Mount Osmond, Adelaide.

  1. Parking is mostly off road in a make shift dirt spot on the verge of the road. I recommend getting there a bit earlier as Mount Osmond is popular at sunset.

  2. There are a fair few hills so comfortable footwear is encouraged. If you would like to wear fancy shoes, I would encourage wearing something to navigate the rough terrain in and then change your shoes when it's time to take your photos.

  3. It can get busy with sunset viewers and other photographers so keep that in mind if you would prefer a quieter location.

  4. Mount Osmond changes as the seasons do. So no photoshoot will look the same. It can be very pretty in the spring.

  5. Bring a water bottle with you during the warmer months to stay hydrated.

Does an anniversary of engagement session at Mount Osmond, Adelaide sound like a great idea to you?


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